A slab leak should be considered as a serious matter since it can go from a simple nasty smell to asbestos development to even a shift in your building’s structure. Consequently, finding and reporting a slab leak in a timely manner is very essential to your family’s health along with to the stability and well-being of your property or industrial property. Thankfully, our slab leak detection business is located in town and we have specialists that have the ability to pinpoint this type of leakages thanks to the innovative technology in addition to the tools and years of experience that supports them.


The method we deal with a slab leak situation is really straightforward. Our slab leak detection service utilizes water line detection equipment to situate the pipelines. Our professionals will also utilize an extremely sensitive microphone that helps them locate the leak by listening to discover it. This equipment is very sophisticated which reduces the possibility of concrete removal to identify the location of the leak. This device will give a sign to the professionals once the origin of the leak is located which will then give them the correct point where to begin with the repairing process.

At our company, we make certain that this slab leak detection procedure is as basic as possible but at the same time we make sure to make it very reliable to help avoid any unneeded concrete removal throughout the whole slab leak detection service. We take satisfaction in our remarkable customer service as well as the outcomes supplied by our professionals. If you are seeking for an excellent quality slab leak solution, then we are your alternative as we always aim to offer a distinct experience to each and every single one of our clients to assure their loyalty. So, now that you have a much better idea of our slab leak service procedure, don’t stress and please give us a call in case you might have a slab leak situation at your residential property.

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